ZackAllenPhotos Website
In early 2016, a close friend of mine, Zack Allen, began shooting portrait photos of friends and simple video edits as a hobby. As the year went on, Allen developed his photography and videography skills until he landed his first official gig, shooting the Broccoli City Music Festival in Washington, D.C. on May 6, 2017. The festival featured high-profile hip-hop artists like Lil Yachty and 21 Savage. Over the next few years, Zack Allen continued to score more and more photo/video opportunities, working with some of the top EDM artists in the industry.

In February, 2017, Allen required a dedicated place to show off his content to potential clients. He enlisted me to create his portfolio website. Allen wanted a clean, modern, but most importantly neutral design in order to draw attention away from the site itself and to the photos and videos. We settled on a monochromatic color scheme and minimal spacing. This way, the photos and videos would stand out and take up the majority of the screen. Here are some of the preliminary designs:
I used a masonry grid design for displaying the photos on the home page, so as not to leave too much whitespace. On the pages featuring individual galleries, there is a scrolling menu and one picture taking up the majority of the space at a time.

Zack Allen is a top-tier photographer and videographer; his work continues to improve daily and his client-base is always expanding.