Dr. Joshua Fishbein Website
Dr. Joshua Fishbein is an esteemed composer, music educator, and choral conductor. E.C. Schirmer Music Company, Transcontinental Music Publications, Yelton Rhodes Music, and Hal Leonard are all publications that have published Dr. Fishbein's work. On top of those published pieces, he has a host of self-published works ranging from secular choral music to large ensemble pieces. In July, 2018, Dr. Fishbein contacted me about redesigning his website. The old site had a dated, monochromatic design and did not have any direct avenues for purchasing Dr. Fishbein's self-published works.

For the redesign, I planned to make the site modern yet elegant, putting emphasis on the typography and the use of whitespace. Here are a few of the preliminary designs on paper:
For the final design, I employed black and white as the primary colors, with a rich red color for accents. The main title on the header is in a cursive-esque script, a nod towards Dr. Fishbein's classical compositions. The rest of the titles/subtitles use Google's Roboto Slab typeface, the serifs of which bring subtle attention to each section.

For content management, the site runs Wordpress. Each piece is set up as a Woocommerce virtual product, which allows them to be added to the cart just like any physical product on an ecommerce site. I used custom Wordpress attributes to add additional information about each piece, like the year it was composed, the duration, YouTube/SoundCloud links, and watermarked perusal scores.